It is not easy to create the functional interior, where individual elements merge into a harmonious whole.


Also, nowadays, when there is a choice from huge amounts of options , it is often very difficult to make a right decision.  Therefore, designing new living takes a lot of time and troubles.  Often these troubles overwhelm the pleasure from creating new living or redesigning previous one.

Therefore, we want to help you and offer you our range of INTERIOR DESIGN services. 


Process layout and photo-realistic visualization


The cooperation with you is based on our joint consultation,  where we are pleasure to hear something about your perfect housing ideas. We find out what kind of interior you feel comfortable in, if you prefer gloss metal or wood smell. We became more familiar with your interior.

We talk together about colors and materials and then we choice together the furniture material and color, wall color, models of the chairs and lights and other accessories.

On the basic on such a specification , we send you for approval first part of project – process layout. 

If this process layout is acceptable solution for you we start with 3D photo-realistic visualizing of your interior. Please, choose the option VISUALIZATION for our work presentation.

Finally, we create  a project designed your interior with real equipment and accessories, which can be found in our eshop. You are also able to find here all the information about design brand, price and eshop category.

Please, choose the option INSPIRATION for our work presentation.


Design accessories eshop and tailor made furniture


All designed equipment and accessories could be found in our ESHOP .  You do not need to waste your time and energy by searching individual elements anymore.  You will find everything in our eshop, sorted in categories: Kitchen&Dining, Lights, Clocks, Pictures, Atypical furniture and Kids design.  As our customer, you can choose and buy in our eshop for special prices.

If you decided for a tailor made furniture, we will send your request to our colleagues from wood workshop. They make a price calculation. If you are interested in this offer, we will provide both, manufacturing and also installation of the furniture.